Rock Garden (Private Residence)

An eco-conscious family wished to convert their landscape to a water-saving rock garden, with succulents and other low-water plants. This can be tricky in a rainy climate like Portland, but with the appropriate gravel-based soil and subsurface drains, the resulting landscape is thriving in the Oregon climate.

Lavender and tufts of dryland grasses peek out from between stair-stepped rocks in this alpine-influenced section of the rock garden.

Close-up of natural steps with pebbles through rock garden

These large, round boulders, displayed at the front of the home, are reminiscent of those found in Japanese Zen rock gardens.

Succulents and herbs, like sedum and thyme, respectively, happily coexist amongst the rocks in these backyard planters.

Rock garden with variety of low growing plants

Silver sedum is an excellent addition to the low-water garden and can be successfully grown as ground cover, or in pots, throughout the landscape.

Flower pot filled with silver sedum ‘Cape Blanco’ Alpine plant

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