Save water with succulents

While “drought” might not be the first word you’d associate with Portland, water conservation is still a goal of many local gardeners. Whether your interest in a drought-friendly garden is primarily for cost-savings, eco-consciousness, or the unique style, you’ll find that gardening with succulents is extremely easy, rewarding, and relatively inexpensive. Just make sure to use a well-drained cactus soil and plant in full sun, and your succulent garden will thrive. Here are just a few of the interesting plant specimens that can be found in the drought-tolerant garden:

Cactus variety

Succulents cactus variety
Cactus of every imaginable shape, color, and size are happy residents of the drought-tolerant garden.

Aeonium arboretum

Succulents - Aeonium arboreum
Aeonium arboretum, commonly known as the “desert pinwheel rose,” grows very quickly and yields abundant yellow flowers from late winter to early spring.

Holiday cactus

Succulents - holiday cactus
The holiday cactus gets its name because it produces showy red flowers only once a year, during the winter holiday.


Succulents - Lithops
Lithops are known as “flowering stones” or “living stones” because they blend in perfectly with small stones in their native environments, but also sprout beautiful flowers.

Myrtle spurge

Succulents - Myrtle Spurge
Myrtle spurge is a sprawling evergreen perennial that produces small yellow flowers in early spring. It’s a beauty in the drought-tolerant garden, but beware that its sap can be a skin irritant, so make sure to handle it with gloves.

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