Argyle Park Topiary Garden (Public Demonstration)

Argyle Park, near the Portland Zoo, hosts a 5-acre topiary garden, complete with turtle pond, that was built with funds provided by the state lottery. The garden is pet-friendly, and people can often be spotted walking their dogs amongst the spiral, oval, and animal-shaped trees.

Our initial design sketch shows the complexity of the overall landscape design, and how all the individual garden segments relate as a whole entity.

Heavenly scents of juniper, spruce, and lavender fill the air around this topiary maze.

The wood benches, created by a talented local woodworker, are the perfect addition to the symmetrical design proportions.

This less-refined canopy of mushroom-shaped trees provides a break from the more formal topiary forms, and lends an air of whimsy.

Animal topiaries bask in the sunlight alongside red snapper turtles that make their home in the neighboring pond.

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