Argyle Park Topiary Garden (Public Demonstration)

Argyle Park, near the Portland Zoo, hosts a 5-acre topiary garden, complete with turtle pond, that was built with funds provided by the state lottery. The garden is pet-friendly, and people can often be spotted walking their dogs amongst the spiral, oval, and animal-shaped trees. Our initial design sketch shows the complexity of the overall … Read more

Rock Garden (Private Residence)

An eco-conscious family wished to convert their landscape to a water-saving rock garden, with succulents and other low-water plants. This can be tricky in a rainy climate like Portland, but with the appropriate gravel-based soil and subsurface drains, the resulting landscape is thriving in the Oregon climate. Lavender and tufts of dryland grasses peek out … Read more

Cottage Garden (Private Residence)

The owner of this 4-acre property, just outside of Portland, wanted a cottage garden reminiscent of the summers he spent as a child at his grandparents’ home in England. The result was nothing short of spectacular, with tons of color and lots of cobblestone features.