Sustainable Landscaping

Cactus Garden

Many landscape companies can create pretty designs, but our team instinctively knows how to balance beauty, with eco-consciousness, and a plan for long-term success. We think about what our designs will look like 20 years down the road, and if they will still meet the original project objectives. We understand that environmental and climatic conditions are continuously in flux and that what works for one wet summer, could be disastrous for several summers of intense heat, and we plan your design and plantings accordingly.  We consider your property‚Äôs water source, irrigation system, drainage patterns, topography, and potential for soil erosion. We take note of existing plant species, and propose removal of invasive plants and inclusion of native vegetation, whenever feasible and possible. We even consider the effect our proposed design will have on the existing wildlife. And, we consider the ease, accessibility, and economics of maintaining the proposed design over the long haul.